Trouble with Empower Rules

My Z-Wave devices seem to be not working again - my lights are not turning on/off on the programmed schedule, and the thermostat is not accepting commands, and shows last sync/update was 3 days ago. I believe this happened one other time a year or so ago, and you guys sent some ‘reset’ command to the module (sorry for the lack of technical understanding). Please let me know what I can attempt from my end, if anything.

If you notice a rule has not activated, it may indicate local signalling trouble. The best troubleshooting would be to run a Z-wave network rediscovery, then recreate and save the failed schedule.

In the circumstance of many rules failing at once after working fluidly for a long period of time, yes this would indicate an overall error of the automation process. Causes may be different dependent on the panel type. A command can be sent to rebuild these automation rules.

We have sent a command to rebuild rules for this account. Please let us know if you encounter further issues.

We did notice that one device seems completely unresponsive and unnamed. You can verify in your empower device list this is device 4. You may need to locally troubleshoot if this device is one that should be reachable.