Trouble setting maximum zones

I just set up my NX-8V2 with a wireless module. Everything seems to be working OK, but I’m having trouble setting up my maximum number of zones. The instructions are all for a keypad, but my system does not have a keypad, just a touchscreen control panel.

The instructions say I can trip my highest zone to set the highest sensor number, but that didn’t seem to work. They then say to change the Zone name for Zone 189, but through the touchpad I can only get to zone 48. How can I properly configure the maximum number of zones?

I actually see the sensor being opened in my History, but it doesn’t show up in as a configurable Sensor.

It looks like already sees the max number of zones at 20. Is that the correct value?

No, zones 21 and 22 are missing.

I just opened and closed the 21 and 22 sensors again, and they’re showing up now :slight_smile:

We can help with that. Can you confirm all zones are visible in ADC now? Edit: Looks like we posted at the same time. Yes, we can set the max number and request the updated equipment list. If 22 is the highest you should be good to go.