Trouble enrolling Z-Wave Thermostat

Is there any trick to get my panel to discover an additional t2000 thermostat? I’ve got the 2nd new thermostat connected to my smartthings primary controller. Usually a zwave rediscover network will add new device but it doesn’t appear to be working this time. Thanks!

Happy to assist!

Update and equipment list commands were sent to clear this issue up and it appears that the second TSTAT is enrolled. Can you confirm?

Yes it appears in adc now. Thanks.

It is wired in for power, so it is working with out batteries. However, I am receiving critical battery alerts. Can those be disabled?

The thermostat will still send low battery alerts if low or no batteries are installed and these alerts cannot be manually removed. Batteries should still be added to ensure proper function if power is lost to the Tstat for some reason, such as a damaged cable.

In rare cases a suddenly dead thermostat when the HVAC has a call for heat or cool at the time can lead to the HVAC perpetually running in that mode until power is cut.

Always use both batteries and C-wire if possible.