Trouble connecting devices

has anyone experienced trouble connecting devices - window/door sensors, garage door controller, door locks, cameras, door bell? paid a nice sum for a great new panel but now nothing is able to connect - including generic Z wave devices and run of the mill door locks. did I just purchase a $400 paper weight?

I noticed about 8pm last night that many of my devices stopped responding when I tried to use them from my iPhone, such as lights and thermostats. These devices did however work when I accessed them directly from the control panel. I have a Qolsys. When I woke up this morning, in the app I am getting an error message, “Radio not responding.” I am sure they are all related. I am going to post a message in the forum. They will respond shortly I am sure.

Where in the programming process are you having trouble connecting the devices? I am happy to help out. The devices you are naming connect in different ways.

From the other related tickets I see, I am not seeing any reference to programming. Just in case, please note that the panel will not automatically recognize nearby devices. That is not how the systems work.

Each sensor, Z-wave device, and other compatible peripheral must be paired with the panel or with

  • So that we can best assist, what model of alarm sensors are you trying to add to the panel? Here is a link to a programming guide for 319.5 Mhz sensors (compatible with the panel you purchased.)

  • For Z-wave devices, those must be cleared first due to the fact that Z-wave devices save parent network info in each device. You can use Clear Device on the IQ Panel, activate each Z-wave device pair button and the panel will indicate a device was cleared. Then you can go back in and Add each Z-wave device one by one.

Not sure of your panel, but I had lots of flakiness and frustration until I upgraded the firmware on mine. My saga was here: IQ2+ z-wave flakiness - Support - Surety Support Forum (