Trouble adding Linear WS15Z-1 to 2GIG

New Linear WS15Z-1 will not pair to Vivint branded 2GIG panel. Switch works fine stand alone. Attempted to pair by moving panel to vicinity of switch but still does not find device. Per a conversation elsewhere on this site, process to remove device was done and device was not installed with a live circuit so I don’t believe internal fuse to be the issue. Vivint says if it didn’t pair, it is not compatible but it sounded to me like a standard answer and not necessarily definitive.

It is possible this is a firmware issue. What version do you currently have on your panel? Is it the current V1.13? If its an earlier firmware, the equipment may not be supported.

Vivint doesn’t officially support firmware for the Go Control above 1.9.6.

You can update panel firmware to current version without operational issue with Vivint/ADC.

You will need the update cable and 4pin for any TS1, and you can download the firmware HERE.