Trouble Adding Garage Door

I’m attempting to add a garage door to my system. It’s working fine through the Web and App, but I’m getting this error when attempting to add the Serial # to

There was an error while registering your LiftMaster MyQ Gateway. Please ensure that you have entered the correct serial number and then contact us for assistance.

My unit is actually a Chamberlain MyQ gateway - not sure if that matters.

I’ve also deregistered it from the website and app

I would make sure that the serial number is completely unregistered from Chaimberlain and Liftmaster. The gateway cannot be active in their system and’s. Once you have verified that it has been removed from the system, you should be able to add the gateway to your with the MyQ Gateway serial number.

Ah - I had deleted the Garage Door “device” from the liftmaster website, but not also deleted the “Home” Location (the gateway).

After doing that, It seems to have registered now on (I’ll need to get the Garage door added once I get home to confirm it all works).

I thought you might want to know about this “double delete” required from the Liftmaster website for future situations.

When is the device added to the Liftmaster site that you would have to remove it. Are you required to register it first, or can you bypass that and just enter the information on the site?

You’re not supposed to add MyQ devices to the Liftmaster site at all when you use them with This issue would only come up if you were already using your devices with Liftmaster’s app first and then you got an account. You have to remove all the MyQ devices from the Liftmaster site before you can add them to your account. When you add them to your account, automatically adds them to Liftmaster’s system so they’re registered in both databases. That won’t work if they’re already registered with Liftmaster.

Thanks Ryan, so if I understand what you are saying, since this will be a new installation of a myq device on my garage door, I wont have to delete it from any other site, I will just add it to

Also, I purchased a new GSM from Surety last week and will be activating it when I cancel my service with my other provider next week. I am buying the gold package. Will the garage door feature automatically be available when the GSM connects?

That’s correct. If you have not added your MyQ devices to the Liftmaster site then you should not do so and you will not have to remove anything. Just add them to Yes, the garage door feature is enabled by default with the Gold Interactive service level.

Ryan thanks for the clarification, I guess I got confused from some of the other posts. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.