Translator malfunction


My system reports a translator failure. What is this translator? I do have a 319.5 interlogic range extender - is this it?

I have an IQ Panel 2+ panel in case it matters

You have a sensor zone, zone 6, with the name “Translator”

I cannot tell you exactly what type of device this is. It’s possible you have the Repeater paired for supervision purposes. It is programmed as a sensor translator type zone. What is the model number of the repeater you are using?

Thanks. I don’t know how to tell what model number it is. I got it in 2017

The model number is likely on a sticker on the back of the housing. That is the likely culprit though. Try rebooting that device. Did you move it at all or are the antenna near metal?

No stickers, but I am pretty sure it is interlogix 80-922-1 (it has a logo and this is the only model I can find)

There doesn’t appear to be anything to enroll, etc. I unplugged it for a while, moved it, plugged it in and still see the issue with translator malfunction.

I suppose it’s possible this thing crapped out in some way…

Are sensors that relied on the repeater also experiencing issues?

A replacement repeater option would be the RE524X

Thanks! Possibly. I hadn’t brought those sensors in to test them, but, suspiciously, two of the sensors in garage did report a malfunction.