Transitioning to IQ2 or possibly IQ3 from GC2

I think you can see all my sensors on your end. How many hours do you think it will take to reprogram.

Are there any tools you can give me such as a printout of how my exiting sensors are programmed to make it easier? List and details of my exiting automation and schedules?

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore 2GIG programming to a Qolsys panel automatically. All Sensors would need to be reprogrammed manually at the panel. Looks like you have 55 zones programmed in for RF sensors.

RF sensors would take a minute or two to program in each but it depends on how far you have to travel to trigger each sensor. Qolsys programming is a lot easier, quicker then the 2GIG GC2.

See this guide for reference on programming 345MHz sensors into the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. Programming steps of the IQ Panel 4 should be identical.

Z-Wave is going to take some time. I’m seeing around 44 Z-Wave devices. Fortunately, you can run the IQ Panel on battery power to go from device to device, triggering and programming.

All Z-Wave devices would need to be cleared from the Network, Added to the new Panel, then a Z-Wave network rediscovery run once all devices are back in their installation locations. Clearing can be done from either panel, adding and Z-Wave Rediscovery must be done from the new panel.

You can reference this guide here for Z-Wave programming steps as well.

Any rules, scenes, automation schedules, etc. would be stored in ADC and only viewable through the ADC App and Website. Best thing to do here would be a screen grab any of those if necessary.

We can get you a list of RF Sensors, their current Sensor Group, Name, and the Sensor Type they are programmed as.