Transitioning from ADT

I am planning on transitioning from ADT to Surety and have been researching and I believe I can re-use most of my equipment but want to pass by here everything before I make the change.

I have the following installed:

  • the Honeywell Vista20P for the main board.
  • The system currently uses Resideo LTEXV-ADT for cellular and uses the ADT Pulse Gateway Netgear PGZNG1 Security WI-FI System Router to connect to the Pulse app with the ADT Honeywell HSPIM RS422.
  • Wireless receiver is the Honeywell Ademco SA5882
  • 2 safewatch custom pro keyboards, wasnt able to get the models.

My current installation:

It appears that all the sensors and equipment would work except I would need to buy a new prom and an SEM module, I need to buy a va20p prom and a ADC-SEM300-VT-AT

Any advice on where to buy the prom and revision would be appreciated.

I guess I would then call ADT, cancel service, and following these instructions

and then start service with surety.

Am I missing any steps or have any steps out of order?

Thanks in advance

Yes, those would be the basic steps, though a Prom upgrade is usually not required unless too old.

Disconnect the Pulse cellular/broadband communication devices before installation of the SEM.

I cannot vouch for any specific third party seller, though Vista is a popular panel and a number of vendors online offer parts.

Activation of your service on our website is a step by step process. Your new account is automatically created as part of activation.

You will need to know the current installer code of the system.

The prom is a WA3000 9.12, I thought that anything thats WA3000 had to be replace with the generic version, is that not the case?

I also forgot to mention I have a couple of wireless glass break sensors and wireless door/window sensors which were added afterwards, Im assuming they would continue to work?

With this setup, is it also possible to add more wireless door/window sensors? I have some wired sensors which stopped working and wanted to replace them.

Another thing I have saw here but I would believe the answer is yes but Surety would also monitor the smole/CO sensors which are connected to this board too correct?

The ADT Safewatch Pro 2000 is incompatible with, but the Safewatch Pro 3000 is what you have and should be fine. The version you have is new enough to be compatible.

Nothing would change in terms of sensor compatibility as long as you do not disconnect your wireless receiver.

You can add more sensors whenever you want to.

Yes, if you have a plan that supports alarm monitoring (Alarm, Home, Protect, Complete) any compatible connected smoke or CO devices are monitored as well. Smoke detector monitoring is not separate from other alarm monitoring.