Transition from Vector to Surety


Up until 2 weeks ago, I had a system being monitored by Vector Security and was using the app to control my system remotely. I am now looking at Surety to self-monitor but want to make sure there won’t be any issues with connecting my system. I took the panel off and tried to verify the serial # but there is only one sticker inside with numbers and that serial # didn’t register when I tried to verify. Should I still go ahead and sign up for the plan? I would imagine it works since we were using before.

For assistance finding the required number on your system, please click the Need Help link on the check tool page here.

You can find instructions specific for your model of panel there.

Typically the number is labeled the IMEI and it is found on the cellular module itself if the panel has a replaceable module.

If it is an unregistered 4G LTE module you can get started with it. You’ll need the IMEI to activate service.

Thanks Jason! I could not locate the exact model I have but I was able to locate one similar. I checked the panel and located a 16 digit number which is not working in your system. There is nothing labeled IMEI. I found a serial # but it is a combination of 8 digits/characters. I’ve attached images of the info that I have from my system. Please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks.

That is a 2GIG GC2. Use the instructions for the GC2 at the link provided.

The IMEI is printed on the module, in the case of some modules, that is found on a sticker on the underside of the module. Click here for a video showing that.

If you have the installer code for the panel you can also find it in the UI under Installer Toolbox > Radio Status. (here it is labeled serial number, same number)

Thanks! I finally found it!