Transferring zwave from locked IQ Panel 2+ to IQ Panel 4


I’ve purchased a home that was built by DR Horton that contains a IQ Panel 2+. I have the master code but the default install code and dealer code have been changed to something else and the service provider (Safe Haven) has refused to give me the codes or come over and unlock it for me.

I’ve purchased a new IQ panel 4 that should be here is a few days. My question is, am I able to transfer the current installed z wave devices (a door lock, thermostat, garage door, two lights) to the new panel when I may not be able to clear the devices from the old panel? If I can, how exactly? Thanks you so much!


Z-wave devices can be cleared from any controller, including the new panel, even if not currently connected to it. Use the remove device steps on each Z-wave device first with the new panel, which clears their internally saved parent network link.

Thank you so much! I was worried since I was essentially locked out of the IQ panel that was already installed. I was able to get every zwave device integrated with my new IQ panel 4. The only thing I’ve not been able to get connected is the lift master garage door opener, which is connected to the previous owners account through myQ. I’m locked out of it because of this. Is there a way I can get access?

Also the doorbell is not connected but I’m installing a Ring Doorbell. I like them better. Maybe someday the IQ panel will connect to them. But, my biggest concern now is the garage door.

If the previous owner’s account is still active and the MyQ device is connected to it, only the prior owner and their dealer would be able to clear that registration.

Sometimes however, when an account is cancelled, the MyQ gateway is removed from but the gateway itself retains its registration status internally. This would result in the same error message, but can be resolved by factory resetting the gateway.

I’ve tried factory resetting the garage door motor. It did not work. I cleared all the codes and reset the Wi-Fi on the motor and I cannot connect still. I’ve contacted the previous owners to get their old provider to release it, but they never really used it as only called their provider to access the free 3 years they got through DR Horton when they built the home. I had to tell them who their provider was, as they did not know.

If I cannot get it removes from the previous owner’s account, what are my options?

If I cannot get it removes from the previous owner’s account, what are my options?

I am not aware of any options that would work in that case other than replacement. If it is registered through an account only that service provider owning the account would be able to delete it. It is almost always a sticky situation during a move because in my experience most long term contract providers are not receptive to requests from the new owner.

Any agreements in place are with the original owner, and the original owner would generally need to arrange cancellation of services. You may be able to have your realtor facilitate this with the old owner if the alarm system was considered part of the sale.