Transferring powerG sensors to new panel

I’m trying to transfer over 5 powerG sensors (1 motion, 3 doors, 1 smoke detector) from my old IQ2+ panel (which was with CPI) to the newer IQ4 panel with Surety. I deleted them from the old panel and added them to the new panel with their device IDs.

Their status now shows “Failure” on the panel and they are not emitting any signal. They were working just fine a day ago with the old panel, so it’s not the location or battery. Have I missed a step in adding these sensors correctly?

I am actually seeing recent sensor activity from three of these zones. Are you still having trouble getting these recognized? Were they reset?

Not Networked is the status on the other two, which indicate they haven’t sent signals to the panel yet. Double check the TXID, and then tamper those devices. Does the tamper report on the panel?

I removed and then added back the batteries to every sensor and once they power cycled, they were successfully added to the panel!