Transferring from Vivint

Hello. First time poster. I’m currently a Vivint subscriber, but my contract has expired and I’m no longer obligated to stay with them. I was checking for alternative providers due to the monthly cost and I’m liking what I’m seeing with the DIY Gold Interactive package. I’m still researching, but I’m presuming when I contact Vivint and advise them that I’m dropping their service, they will lock the control panel and I’ll be needing a Vivout Freedom Quick Start Kit unless there’s a way I can get control over the panel before I contact them. Is there anything else I would need or something I can do prior to cancellation to gain access to the panel?

Currently I only have 4 sensors being monitored. Vivint used the existing wiring in the house and the zoning is rather broad. I plan on opening the panel and rezoning to make the sensors more accurate in their reporting. If I’m reading correct, I can have as many sensors as I want, but I can only actively monitor 10 of those without purchasing “add ons”. Would this be correct?

Sorry if this is basic stuff, but I’m still doing my research. Below is my current hardware configuration. Thanks.

2GIG-TAKE-345 (345MHz Takeover Module)
2GIG-GSM1 (GSM T-Mobile Module)
2GIG-SMKT2-345 (GE Smoke/Heat Detector, US/CAN)
2GIG-ANT1 (Interal GSM Antenna)
2GIG-KEY2-345 (Keyfob)
2GIG-KEY2-345 (Keyfob)
1-LAMP (Dual Lamp/Appliance Module)
CT100 (CT100 Radio Thermostat)
CT100 (CT100 Radio Thermostat)
2GIG-CNTRL1-345 (2GIG Panel Kit)
99100-004 (Dead Bolt Lock-Brass)

Ah, reading the documentation, I see I can only get 8 zones with the Takeover Module anyway. Can you run more than one takeover module on a system if you are wanting more than 8 zones?

Never mind. Found my answer in another topic. The answer is yes, so that’s good stuff!

Yes, you can use multiple takeover modules.

The kit will have the firmware update cable and module required to get your system ready. You may have already seen it, but this page goes into detail regarding how to switch to DIY service.

With regard to the 10 sensor activity monitoring, yes, you would be able to choose 10 sensors to generate real-time alerts regardless of system arming status. Note that sensor activity monitoring is different than sensor security monitoring.

Excellent links. I don’t know how I missed them. I’ll review them and look at starting the process. I’ve found references to the Vivint installer access code and will see if I can get more information from the control panel and request Vivint to release my module for use, though it sounds like from your posting you’re not expecting them to do that. Thanks for the info!

It is Vivint policy to never release the cell module, and your installer access is probably locked out. Vivint will not unlock it for you.

The Vivint contract does not “expire”. There is a clause in it for auto contract renewal in event you fail to send in a written and signed NOC letter at least 30 days prior to auto renewal date.

Send NOC to Vivint, and to your financial institution (your bank requires this ACH revoke authorization under federal banking laws to permanently refuse/decline any further transactions initiated by Vivint)
NOC/ACH revoke letter:

For more info, see:

How to takeover a Vivint contract, unlock panel, and change monitoring (installer code is 2203): will also no longer allow new accounts to be set up with 2G modules, so a GSM rather than a CDMA or HSPA will not work.

Well that’s unfortunate. I presumed I went to a non-contractual monthly billing when the original contract was over. I noticed that on Vivint’s website they want me to pay off the total amount for the remainder of the months left on the “agreement”. I guess I’ll call them and inquire as to when the current contract will expire. Is there anything I can do in the meantime or do they have me on the fine print?

The installer code does work, but as you indicated, the configuration options have been disabled. Thanks for the info!

I read that you can’t install anything other than 2G if the panel is on firmware below 1.9.6. Currently mine is at 1.6. So I would need to update the FW before putting the new cell module in, correct?

I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself now. Have to deal with Vivint first.

Yes. Most often when upgrading modules from 2G to 3G, a firmware update is required. More information can be found here.

There is only one way to deal with Vivint. When you are at least 30 days prior to end of contract term/renewal date, send in the NOC letter previously linked above, certified mail, delivery confirmation. Send a copy to your bank.

In any event, in most cases Vivint will still continue to bill a canceled account anyways (poor inter-departmental communications they alledge) (Or mail you bills in event bank refuses to pay them directly). Rinse and repeat for 4 months, then do not pass go, go straight to third party collections. Dispute it under the FDCPA, file a BBB complaint, file a complaint with State Attorney General…

Be careful calling Vivint retention dept. They will try to trick you into a verbal contract renewal (they get bonuses if they retain the account). They are notorious for telling a customer anything they want to hear in order to obtain a binding verbal contract extention (then you have to hire an attorney to vitiate the verbal contract that you agreed to citing “breach”). Retention personnel are min wage call center operators with no authority to make any of the promises/deals happen in most cases.


For more info and background on Vivint retention dept, see:

Ps- I had vivint. I am also the author of that article “how to cancel a Vivint contract”, and I am the Admin of 2GIGForum. You can take my advice, or you can ignore it and learn the hard way. Your call.

Thanks for the information rive. I called Vivint at lunch today and spoke with Corey. I asked when my current contract expired and he advised me the 18th of this month. He said that if I do not cancel or renew the contract by this time, it will go to a month to month billing cycle. I take this with a grain of salt. So, situation is my contract expires in two weeks. If I have to provide in writing 30 days prior, what are my current options? Do I contact them and tell them I wish not to renew my contract and continue with the 30 day cancellation process?

If you cancel now via NOC, your contract will renew for at least another month, because you did not cancel within 30 days of renewal (Feb 18th).
So…contract extends to March 18th.

Make payment for Feb and March.

Download NOC letter, change info in red, save and print two copies. Send one copy to vivint cert mail, email one copy to Vivint, mail other copy to your financial institution with appropriate signed cover letter which includes your bank acct info, and CC/account number.

Wait till you get email or cert mail confirmation that NOC has been received, call Vivint verify letter received.


Then the game begins…keep an eye on your bank accounts.

Groovy. Will start working on this tomorrow. So, I should not contact them until after the NOC is reported received via certified mail and that’s just to confirm they received it, correct? I should not contact them prior to and ask them not to renew my contract over the phone as they may tray and pull shenanigans?

I removed my bank account information from my account a while ago and just use my credit card for auto-payment. Should I still send a notification to my bank even though it’s no longer listed as a billing source?

Thanks rive.

Correct. You cannot cancel over the phone in any event per contract terms, so don’t bother calling them.

I would send the NOC/ACH Revoke letter to bank/CC company just to be safe. If Vivint can’t pull money/Initiate ACH transaction they will bill.

Better to tell them to go pound sand when they send invoices, then have to dispute unauthorized transactions with your bank.

So, what would happen if I replace the communications module prior to the service being cancelled? Will they be getting false alarms?

Nope. Once the module is out, they can no longer communicate with panel. Might want to delete all contacts and emails/alerts off their page.

Worth noting just in case; if you plan to switch providers with a system that includes cameras, be sure to remove your cameras from your old account before deactivating it, else they’re at risk of becoming expensive paperweights…

Okay. I’ll start the cancellation process tomorrow and look at ordering my Vivout Freedom Quick Start Kit next week. I’ll peruse the store to see if there’s any other goodies I may want while I’m there. Thanks again for all the help everybody.

I contacted my credit union to get information on where to send the revocation of ACH payments authorization letter and they were wanting a company ID number in addition to the name. I couldn’t find this number on Vivint’s website or searching the internet. Do you have this number, rive, since you are familiar with almost everything Vivint?