Transfering from Frontpoint

Hi team,

I’d like to join Surety and I tried to register my Simon XT device (I have just moved into a new home that previously used Frontpoint), but when I tried to register, I was prompted to contact support - so here I am now! What would be the best way to move forward?
Thank you!

Sounds like to me u would need a new LTE Communicator but I would recommend upgrading to a new qolsys Iq panel 2 319

Did you see an error message indicating that the cellular communicator was already registered to an account? If so that means the panel is still assigned to an account through the original vendor and the previous owners haven’t cancelled yet.

Details on how to get started using the Simon XT are found at the link below!

Yes! That’s exactly what I saw - I’ll try to get in touch with the previous owners to make that happen.