Transfering cameras?

Can adc-v722w cameras be moved from one “Video Cloud” account (soon to be terminated) to another account? My bro is selling his vacation home that is protected by two 722W cams, and he is giving those to me to add to my existing account (protecting my home). We live in different states and use separate security providers. Since I’m a DIYer, I’m thinking that after I install those gifted cameras, I’ll just do a hard reset on the cameras and then add those to my account as if they were “new”. I’m aware that I’ll need to increase my “video” camera add-on (going from four to six) with my service provider.

Have I missed anything? Thx

Aero cameras can only be assigned to one account at a time. The cameras would need to be disassociated with the current account prior to you being able to use them on your account.

If they are not removed from their existing account they cannot be assigned to another account.

Thanks Tyler - makes sense. BTW - who performs the “Disassociation” function for each camera? it the service provider or the account owner after logging in to the app?

Either the current owner of the cams or their service provider would be able to delete the cams. We cannot confirm what any other service provider would require before being able to delete cams (or if they actually would). It would be best to have the current owner delete them first.

This can be found under Settings > Video Device Info on the Video tab in

Got it and thank you. Aero