Transfer from Alarm Grid

What is the easiest way to transfer my account from Alarm grid to surety? Do you know if I will be able to keep the same login? Thanks.

If they allow for the account to be transferred to surety yes but if not u would have to cancel that account and allow them to release ur communicator and then sign up on a plan with surety

Okay. Thanks for the quick reply. So how long would it take once they release my communicator to get hooked up with surety? my next bill date is the 26th at alarm grid and I wanted to switch over to you guys and didn’t know the best way to do that without going without service. Thanks.

There are two possible routes. The standard route means cancelling your current service with the current provider. As soon as your account is cancelled there you would be able to activate new service with us. Service activation is performed on our website and can be done in just a few minutes.

What model of panel do you have? Do you have a 3G or 4G cellular communicator? 3G communicators can no longer be used to set up new accounts so a 3G would need to be replaced.

Alternatively, if your current provider supports transfers, transferring your existing account to us is another option, but not all providers support this. Read more on this and the steps to follow for transfer here.

Yes. I have the Qolsys IQ 2, not the plus version I got it when it came out around August 2017. It has a Verizon communicator. I contacted Alarm grid and they said I could cancel but they didn’t really know anything about a transfer. I will see if they can do it though. It would make life a lot easier because I wouldn’t have to set up a new account and set up my schedules / devices.

Question how much u wanna change from alarmgrid

I have no problem with alarm grid. It is just that they charge about $15 more per month for what I have then surety would.

Ok just curious I had Alarmgrid kinda reason I had changed to surety but then ended up changing again because I needed replace a lot of equipment and the other provider let me make monthly payments on the equipment but if it wasn’t for that I would have kept surety I do miss the monitoring service and price but I pay about same what I paid with grid

Looks like alarm grid forces you to cancel your account. I am guessing that I wouldn’t have to re enroll any of the z wave sensors that are already enrolled though my panel. Is that correct? Also, I assume I wouldn’t have to re-enroll security sensors. Just video cameras and schedules, correct?


Here a tip before canceling with them go online and get ur camera Mac numbers it will make easier to readd then to the new account

Yeah your panel device programming wouldn’t be affected so sensors and Z-wave devices would remain the same. They would just auto-populate in your new account.

You would need to reconnect cameras and other peripherals like MyQ garage, Irrigation, etc. if you have them, and recreate schedules and notifications.