Transceiver Question

If I have a new 2 Gig Panel ( 2Gig-CP21-345 v 1.10) and I want to install a TS1-E, do I still need the XCVR2? Didn’t the TS1 used to come with the transceiver?

You will still need a XCVR2 for the panel to communicate with the TS1.

You are correct though, the XCVR2 did come with the TS1 at one point, but they stopped doing that about a year(ish) ago.

So the piece in the transceiver slot just needs to be replaced with the transceiver? What is the purpose of the piece that ships with the panel in that transceiver slot?

Its a 345mhz transceiver (communicates with all sensors)

The new XCVR2 is bi directional. It is 345 and 900 mhz (communicates with all sensors and ts1/image sensors)