Transceiver Doesn't Work After Update

I have one of the older GC2 panels and my 900Mhz isn’t working since I upgraded my firmware to 1.14.1. Would it be possible to get the newer version GC2 eg: 2GIG-CP21-345E and transfer my settings from my existing panel which is a 2GIG-CNTRL2 to the new panel?


It looks like the issue you are having has been addressed on the forum here. Is this the problem you are seeing?

A Backup and Restore command can be sent to transfer settings from one panel to another, however, you will want to follow all necessary steps in order or it may not be effective. If you needed to purchase a newer model GC2 you can find one here.

If you need to use a backup and restore, you’ll want to do the following:

– Let us know you would like a backup run.
– Power down old panel, install existing module into new panel.
– Let us know you are ready to push settings.
– We’ll confirm when the restore is initiated.
– Then power up the new panel with module and antenna. (do not power up the new panel before the restore is pushed)