to incorporate a hard wired system with IQ panel or not (that is the question)

I have another thread going in the tech support forum about the feasibility of incorporating a DSC power 1832 hard wired panel with the IQ panel by way of a “takeover module”. I have found out it is possible to do which is great.

I got to thinking that maybe it would be better after all to let them work in tandem rather than blending them. Here is a little background.

My current system is not central station monitored. It has about 12 zones with a mixture of motion sensors and door contacts. It has served us well and has prevented a burglary in the past (The alarm sounded when a burglar opened a door I forgot to lock. They ran away when the siren sounded).

My idea is to leave the system the way it is, not monitored. I would then add the IQ panel with some motion sensors and cameras etc. on the interior of the house to serve as a secondary backup. The iq panel will be have central station monitoring with all the other fancy and cool stuff.

So this gets back to the posts title- “to incorporate a hard wired system with IQ panel or not (that is the question)” What do you guys think?

So you want to have to arm and disarm two separate systems each time you leave and return and go to bed at night? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Is there an advantage to using both control panels instead of adding the wired sensors to the Qolsys system and using 1 control panel?

I don’t think thee is an advantage. I’m just a little concerned that I might not have the technical knowledge to wire the transfer device. The cost is only a minor factor.

If you run into issues in the process, you can always find assistance here.