Timeout when arming and panel "protests"

I’ve noticed if I try to arm my system remotely (from app or website) when a door or window is open, and the panel protests, the app or website doesn’t display any error condition. Instead, it spins for about a minute, then tells me the command timed out. Is this the normal behavior, or is something misconfigured on my panel possibly (Concord 4) that causes it to act this way? I’d expect that the app or website should come back quickly, with some sort of message about why the system couldn’t be armed.

If I recall correctly, the panel does not report any specific condition, meaning ADC would just know the command was not acknowledged, but I will check. I’ll see if ADC has any insight into options, but I do not think you edit the way Protest works.

Unfortunately the protest function and method of bypass is a Concord design feature.

Thanks Jason. It’s great that you can at least bypass open sensors when arming from the alarm.com app, which is really awesome btw, definitely exceeded my expectations! Just frustrating if you try to arm, and didn’t know anything was open, and then you’re not sure if the system is just being slow or protested, while you wait a minute for it to timeout and check again.

If you find out that’s not normal behavior, do let me know, otherwise I’ll just remember to check for open sensors if arming times out.