Timed Electronic Door Latch

I need to add a door entry access Latch to a main door and am looking for a Qolsys panel 4 solution.

This is not operating a dead bolt but an Electrically controlled latch - allows someone outside to pull the door open after entering a passcode. Inside would just turn the handle. The deadbolt for the door needs to be a Keyed operation.

Process -
Unlock the Deadbolt with a key
enter a pass code on a keypad - has to be a Qolsys comparable pad
Panel triggers a timed relay and no longer cares about the channel - Trigger and forget??
Relay powers the Electronic Latch for 10 seconds and then resets

Has anyone done something like this or know of a product?


This is not operating a dead bolt but an Electrically controlled latch

Electric strike plates are not controlled by the IQ Panel 4. There is no product for this type of solution in a residential environment that I am aware of.

Alarm.com supports some professional commercial access control options through their commercial specific plans, but these are not supported through Surety at this time. We do not sell the commercial plans. These access control panels would support wired electric door strikes.

You may be able to rig a solution for integration if you have an access control panel with a relay input, but this would rely on a z-wave switch and would be categorized as a light in Alarm.com. It is not an ideal solution, but it would be an option. See the description below.