Timechange and incorrect time on IQ2 panel

I noticed that the time on my IQ2 panel is off by one hour since the time change this past weekend. The timezone is right on alarm.com but even if I manually set it on the panel, it reverted back to being one hour ahead the next day.

It’s making a mess of scheduled automation and is just downright annoying.


I sent a command to reset the panel time from Alarm.com. Did that help?

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+1 for unexpected after-hours support.

Yes, the time appears correct now, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back tomorrow if it goes back to stupid mode :wink:

It happens from time to time (get it?). We should look into adding a time set feature to System Manager.

Haha I get it. Might be useful to be able to push that on my own but it’s the first time in almost five years that I’ve run into it.