Time Settings

My IQ Panel 2 started changing the time about a month ago. An update shows in late April so it’s possible it started to happen then. I have reset it multiple times but it still changes to Eastern time and I am in the Pacific time zone. I’ve also rebooted the panel a couple of times and it comes up in Eastern time. We only use it to turn the lights on and off in front; we don’t have an alarm or any monitoring. Why does it not keep the time that I set it to since I"m not connected to a service?

Surety is a DIY Alarm.com service provider and time zone settings for accounts are set and managed through Alarm.com.

The panel gets its location details from Alarm.com when connected to an account.

Rebooting the panel won’t change the timezone settings. If you can’t get the time to stick under the Dealer Code date and time settings, you can try a factory reset of the panel, however connected devices would need to be relearned into the panel.

So would I need to have some information about the light switches to get them ‘re-learned’? That might be a problem as the builder put them in and gave us no info.

Steps to remove/add z-wave devices like the switch below: