Time on panel keeps getting changed

The time on my qolsys panel keeps changing by itself to the wrong time. I couldnt find where it automatically sets it time regarding time source or time zone. I can manually correct the time but have done this 3 times i the last 2 days. Any ideas what is causing this? The issue is my thermostat schedules are all off due to the panel time problem.

How off-set is the time? Does it always fail to the same time? Is it always the same amount off from the correct time?

As in is it always an hour off, does it always fail to 12:00?

I know this last time it was about 3 hours behind. Cant remember the other times.

Another bit of info. My wife noted that the time on her cell phone (AT&T) was also off at one point since Harvey and then it corrected itself. Could my qolsys panel be getting its time from the cell signal? We had about a 6 hour power outage recently due to the storm last weekend. Is there a place to configure the time zone of the panel and where the time is sourced from?

The time and timezone are synced by Alarm.com. This is not manually set in the panel. You can verify the Timezone details on your account by logging into the Alarm.com website and navigating to Profile - System Info

Typically a power outage shouldn’t affect that panel time, however if the cell towers were damaged and cellular signal was spotty, the panel may have reverted to a default timezone (I believe Pacific) if it powered off completely and back on without a connection to ADC at the time. It is difficult to say because that sort of thing would not be logged in history.

We would want to establish a pattern and/or test when the issue presents itself.

Ok verified time zone at alarm.com is correct. Its locked and unable to be changed by me. I will check the panel tonight.

Ok the time on my qolsys panel is 3 hours behind again. It has changed by itself. Any ideas?

Is the time still incorrect currently? Also, is anyone able to verify if we sent a few commands whether or not they have an effect?

Looking at the history, if it happened anytime close to when you posted, there are limited possible causes. We can test one of them fairly easily if someone is able to confirm.

Last night after seeing that the time was 3 hours behind again, I checked for available software updates. It found an update and installed it. The panel rebooted after the update and it still had the incorrect time. After a minute or so the panel changed its time by itself to the correct time. I will check it again later today to see if still has the correct time. Apparently the panel gets its time from the cellular network? The only interface that I have found is a manual setting for the time. I dont see any setting to choose to update time from the cellular network.

Apparently the panel gets its time from the cellular network?

Yep, from above the panel time is synced by Alarm.com.

If the panel is always changing to the same offset amount of time, it is likely reverting to a default value for the panel. It should sync and remain on the correct time when connected to ADC. It is possible that this is a firmware related issue so updating is a good step. Let us know if you notice this reverting again now that the update has been applied.