tilt sensor vs contact?

Is there an advantage of using a tilt sensor for a garage door versus using a door contact? I would use something like the QS-5310-P01 if that is the way to go.


That is a rebranded RE106. A tilt sensor is best not used as a security sensor. If you want something super quick to install in order to know if you have left the door open or not using notifications, it would be the way to go.

Using a standard door contact invites a couple different issues. One, most door/window contacts are not rated for outdoor extreme temp ranges, so unless you are in a year-round mild climate most won’t be garage worthy. Two, the magnetic gap distance for most door window sensors is much smaller than the common margin of error on a big wobbling garage door.

If you want the garage door to be a security sensor, you should use a wired overhead garage door contact (usually with a 1.5 to 3 inch magnetic gap) and a wireless sensor with a wired input like the RE101.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I’m helping my friend order the qolsys panel and wired 16 off your website tonight along with one of the professionally monitored plans. We were concerned with the overhead garage door as there is a lot of enticing stuff in his garage and at least, at this point, there is no contact on the door that leads from his garage into his house.

I guess a motion would do the trick for the security part and the tilt whether the door is opened or closed. Just thought of it…

If you are looking to use motions in the garage, I would recommend using a dedicated outdoor version. False alarms are likely to occur with a standard motion.

You would be better served going with the wired garage door contact and a wireless transmitter

Ok. thanks for the advice. My experience with the stuff is theoretical only.

That’s what we are here for :slight_smile: Always be wary of using a device meant for indoor use in a non-temp controlled environment. Some sensors have a wider operating temp range than others, but given how they function, PIR motions have a harder time in garages.