Tilt Sensor supervision error

I have been having a problem with one of my tilt sensors, almost since day 1 with this system. This particular sensor keeps malfunctioning or gives me a loss of supervision error. It happens almost constantly, while everything else on my system is fine.

Any ideas for a fix??

It’s possible that a large number of sensors can cause periodic issues with sensor supervision. I have personally encountered an issue where the number of sensors is very close to or is at maximum capacity (48 wireless sensors) and have needed to add a signal repeater in order to stop sensor supervision errors. Depending on the number of sensors you have, this would more than likely solve the problem of supervision failures on your devices.

This may very well be the source of your problem. Signal repeaters can be found on our online store here: http://suretydiy.com/product/resolution-products-long-range-sensor-repeater/

Keep in mind that installing more than one repeater may result in more issues. It is recommended that there only be one repeater at any location.

My issue with this response is that the main panel and this sensor are VERY close together. Also, there is a second garage door sensor with NO issues, and no other sensor is currently giving me problems. Also, it doesn’t always give ‘loss of supervision’, instead giving me a ‘sensor malfunction’.

If you still think the repeater would do the trick, I’ll try it, but I don’t have confidence that this will solve my problem.

Is the error reported on the panel itself both ‘loss of supervision’ and ‘malfunction’? I’ve seen Alarm.com report that a sensor is malfunctioning when it is actually a supervision loss on the panel. You can check this information by going into the system history in the user toolbox.

I’ve seen a sensor report a loss of supervision from less than 3 feet away when there are 48 sensors installed at the location.