Tilt Sensor Reporting Opposite

I hope this is an easy one. I installed a tilt sensor on my garage. When my garage is closed it reports open on alarm.com and when it’s open it reports closed. How do I swap this around?

It sounds like it could be easy.

The tilt sensor should be Loop 2 for vertical alignment and the closure tab for the cover should be toward the top of the door.

Thank you Jason. Changing it to loop 2 took care of it.

Actually I think I spoke too soon. Now that I changed it to loop2 the status does not seem to be showing up on alarm.com but it properly displays status on the panel. The sensor is checked. Does it take time to sync?

It doesn’t take time to sync, but there is a delay period between status updates, so if you open and close the door repeatedly, you will not see a one-for-one status change. Allow three minutes in between openings and test.