Tilt Sensor Mounting

While unpacking my box o’ goodies today, I noticed that the tilt sensor (Resolution Qolsys compatible) doesn’t seem to have any mounting tape or hardware. Is this expected?

That is correct. The Tilt sensor comes to us from the manufacturer without and mounting tape or hardware. We’ve opted not to added because people have different requirements based on how they are using it, their region weather, etc.

If you’re looking for good double sided tape for it, Scotch makes an outdoor double sided tape that should hold up under fairly extreme temperature changes. You can usually find it at any hardware store. It’s what I used when I’ve done installations in the past.

Sounds good, just wanted to make sure.

I’m having a couple issues with the tilt sensor. I’ve got it mounted on the top panel of the door, vertical when door is closed. But every so often, the system doesn’t pick up on it being closed. At least one time I heard the chime for close followed by an immediate open chime. In all cases where this has happened, I’ve verified the door is indeed closed. Opening and closing usually fixes it, but I’m starting to wonder if I have a bad sensor. Tonight was a bit of a double whammy. After seeing the open state, I opened the garage about halfway (enough to move the sensor horizontal) and closed it. That reset the tilt, but then on the ADC app, the garage (myq) was stuck in open. Sent the close command through the app which eventually responded as closed, though it already was.

Anything I can check on the tilt?

This post covers some common issues with the 2GIG compatible tilt sensor:

The loop number stuff doesn’t apply to Qolsys/GE. If you have it mounted properly and it’s giving you false alarms then it’s probably defective and needs replaced. A higher than normal percentage of the Resolution Products tilt sensors have turned out to be defective, it’s been pretty annoying. They’re good about replacing the defective ones though. Let us know if yours is defective.

Also, here’s the manual if you haven’t come across it:

I gave the door a pretty solid shake and wasn’t able to create a false trip of the sensor, so I believe the mounting and garage door itself is solid. Given the sporadic nature of the error, I’m leaning towards a bad sensor, but if you feel it’s worth trying to replace the battery just to be sure, I’ll be happy to do that.

If we do decide it’s bad, do I go through Surety for that or straight to Resolution?

You’d go through us. We can approach it one of two ways.

  1. You send us the sensor you suspect is bad, and when we receive it we ship out a new one ASAP.
  2. If you’d like the new sensor faster than that, you can purchase a new sensor via the website and let us know you’ll be swapping it with one you send in. When we receive the old sensor, we refund the purchase of the replacement.

This is the form you will want to return with the sensor you think is bad. If you’d prefer to fill out an excel file version of this form, please let us know and one can be emailed to you.

Got it. I’m going to give it a day or two just to make sure it’s not user error or environmental factors. If it looks bad, I’ll just send it back as I’m not too worried about super fast exchange.