Thinest Magnet Window Switch

We are in a new to us home and rebuilding the arm system from the ground up. I am looking at the IQ4 panel. I have an issue with the windows switches and I am not sure what to choose, or if anything will work. They are insulated, vinyl, double hung windows. I wanted to put a sensor on the top of the sash and the magnet on the glass of the upper panel, cover both panes with one sensor. The issue is there is only 7/16 of an inch between the sashes. Does anyone have a suggestion? I can try and post a picture if that will help.

The RE122 from Alula is a 319.5mhz sensor which has a magnet about 5/16 wide. It is the thinnest sensor magnet I am aware of, but might work for you based on what you stated.

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