Theromstat Issues

I turned off my furnace last night using the ADC app to change the furnace filter. After putting it back online to Auto with Schedules set, it didn’t engage the air conditioning at the right time. We woke up to it being very hot (hotter than we allow the house to get in Home Mode and it had been running in Home mode, not away mode, for 12+ hours), I went to the thermostat and made it Auto Cool and then set the schedules again in the app.

It seems to be working again, but how do I verify that it is indeed using the settings over the Thermostat settings? My Thermostat is also showing a battery indicator with two bars left. Is there a battery in this and could that be causing sync issues, if so how do I change the battery and what type is it?

Connect it to AC. Using battery degrades the zwave signal and can result in failed zwave communications.

See:Thermostat problems - Support - Surety Support Forum

I see, the 24VAC is less of an option and more of a necessity. Battery operation severely limits the Zwave transmission, which under normal circumstances would likely not be causing too much of an issue, given it is that close to the panel. However, the battery voltage is dropping as it runs, and if the device is just running on battery all the time, there's no telling what signals would be missed.
In a five wire configuration, you would attach the C (typically a blue wire is used) on the HVAC to the C on the thermostat.

As for changing the tstat batteries, might help if you post the model of tstat you have (just google The model, e.g.," CT100 tstat installation ", it will tell you how to access the batteries, and their type)


The best test would be to watch to see if it changes the target temperature at the next time you expect it to based on your schedule & settings. It looks like it reloaded all your thermostat rules when you reset the schedules this morning based on your event history.

The CT100 has some AA backup batteries in it. They are pretty easy to change. Just be careful popping the bottom cover off. It’s easiest to lightly rotate it off. Have you received a low battery notification about it? You might not need to change them yet.

Thanks Ryan, you are correct the reloading of event history fixed it. :slight_smile:

I haven’t received low battery so I’ll wait until that comes in. Will these come to the app/website or the panel itself?

Low battery notifications will show up in the home page status on as well as generate notifications through the “system actions to watch” section to be sent to selected recipients. The thermostat itself also has a low battery indicator.

Awesome! :smiley: Glad most/if not all of these devices report battery to Makes managing and troubleshooting easier.