Thermostats not sticking to schedule

We are continually having issues with our thermostats not being set to their schedules. Is there a firmware upgrade to the panel that will help this or is this a known issue. We have noticed it more with the new website GUI than the older version.

It looks like on this account that thermostats are reporting as being operated on battery power.

If this is correct, not powering the device from the 24VAC output of the HVAC (connecting the C terminal) can severely impact Zwave communication.

Are you able to connect a conductor to the C terminal of the thermostats and test?

The 4 Thermostats minus one are all connected to the C terminal.

Are you able to use a multimeter to verify 24VAC between the RH and C terminal?

Yes I read 24-28VDC on the 3 thermostats.

How often do you notice the issue and when did it begin? Are all thermostats affected equally?

Have you tried running a Network Rediscovery at the panel?

Done! We will see if that helps. Thank you for your help.