Thermostats not following the rules

I have two thermostats in my house and neither of them are seeming to remember the schedules. I can see them on the panel and through I tried removing them and re-learning them in with no avail. Any suggestions? Should there be something I may not have set correctly that I am not seeing through



Occasionally there is a hiccup in setting up automation schedules. It’s not a problem that comes up often, but it is something that is aware of and is actively working towards correcting. I’ve gone ahead and had your automation rules resent. They should be working now.

Specifically, what are you seeing happen that indicates they aren’t remembering? Does the website not save the your schedule changes? Or does shows them as being saved but the 2GIG panel isn’t executing them? Or are they being saved but then reverting back to the old schedule after a while?

bcooper entered this post on my behalf. The behavior was: showed the schedules, but they were not being executed by the 2Gig panel. Whatever Jay did seemed to fix it, as they changed set temperature at the last time window OK.

However the extreme temperature feature does not support multiple thermostats properly. I set a 5 degree setback on one thermostat and 3 degrees on another, but a 5 degree drop was applied to both thermostats tonight after 10 PM.

Oh yeah, that sounds like the old 2GIG automation schedules bug that we’re waiting (im)patiently to be fixed. I heard an update that some progress was made on that over the past few days so hopefully it will be fixed soon. In the mean time if it happens again let us know and we can resend your automation rules to work around the problem.

For the extreme temperature feature, it looks like both of your thermostats currently have the same extreme temperature settings. Can you make sure they’re saved the way you want them?

Thanks for the response. Today I did set both thermostat extreme temperature settings to the same value as a temporary work around. The wife was upset when the house temperature got set to 63 degrees last night, the Sunroom setback was applied as the House setback. It is easy to verify the bug: set different extreme temperature setback deltas on separate thermostats, and observe one setback value is applied to all thermostats when extreme temperature is triggered at 10 PM. I can log a ticket at if this would help.

But for now I can work with it as-is until the next updates, or 2Gig firmware rollout if this is related. This issue is closed since the schedules are now working and I know you have the toolset to correct if I have difficulty again.

As a side note, I hope for feature improvements (this Spring?). I am trying NOT to deploy a Vera /Smart Things / Revolv. I hope the control features of improve so I do not have a multi-controller solution which would be more difficult to manage. Some of the things I would like to do are:
-Not lower the shades if the window is open, to avoid rain damage.
-Turn on an overhead fan while the AC is blowing, and turn off 3 minutes after the AC motor stops.
-Raise the temperature, or turn off the AC, if the window is open for more than 5 minutes.
-Integrate the sprinkler control schedule for a single UI for all home control.
-Alarm if rain is expected and windows are open.
-Integrate the Sonos for audio annunciation, or scene control.

Gotcha. Let me do some more follow up on it. There is no room for bugs in my world :wink: I’ll pass along your feature requests as well.