Thermostat with Humidity Control

Does there exist a 2GIG compatible thermostat that has integrated humidity control? We are planning to add a whole house humidifier and it would be nice to have that control integrated into the same thermostat. I’m sure doesn’t handle remote humidity adjustments, but I’m fine adjusting humidity on the panel.

The only z-wave thermostat I’m aware of that supports relative humidity control is the Radio Thermostat CT80. It’s a stretch because it comes with a WIFI radio module and you’d have swap that with a z-wave USNAP module to use it with 2GIG… so you have to buy 2 parts to make it work.

I have never tested this combination myself but I’ve been told it works. It’s pricier than a 2GIG CT100. has plans to support relative humidity control remotely but it’s not there yet so if you went this direction you would only be able to control temperature remotely via at this time.

Thanks Ryan. I ordered one so I will let you know how it goes.