Thermostat Weird Behavior

I have my schedule set up on my T3000 so when the system is armed away it goes to the away temp (Smart away). Currently 75 in cooling mode. My system is armed away and the thermostat is saying 71 in the app for both the current temp and set point. Why would it not have gone to my away temp? it normally works Current time is 11:19 PM on 4/15/22

There are a couple possibilities. One could be signal issues between the panel and the lock. Another, I don’t think smart away is going to trigger if you have manually changed the target temp. This is a hold on the thermostat until the next scheduled temp change.

It doesn’t look like 71 is one of your schedule target temps.

Try testing it when your schedule is in control of the temp and the target point has not been manually adjusted. Does it set it to the away temp when you arm away? If not try a network rediscovery, then test again.

The thermostat reports it was paired while on battery power only, and as such will be operating in a power save mode and won’t act as a repeater. This often affects the effective reliability of commands. Relearning the thermostat on AC power may help.

Ahhhhh that would explain why I have so much trouble with my headboard lights that are beyond my thermostat too. I’ll relearn that this evening. Thanks for the help!

so commands to the thermostats and lights are now working much better than before after the relearn but now when I try to edit my rules that deal with fire/co alarms and lights,locks, and thermostats, tells me I do not have permission to view the page. Any ideas?

Looks like you also deleted and re-added a light. I think what might have happened is the old instance of the device wasn’t cleared from the rules device selector and there may be some corrupted data.

Try deleting and recreating those rules. Does that resolve the issue?

Hey Jason thanks for the assistance I saw in another thread on here that it was a known ADC issue. Any idea if it has been corrected?

Yes, the error was seen on a number of accounts. I have not received an update from ADC yet, but they are looking into it.


I’m told the permission issue should be resolved going forward. Can you confirm if you are still having an issue?

It has been fixed thanks so much for all the help!