Thermostat Sensor

Good morning,

I recently installed a new thermostat and sensor. I paired both per the instructions, with the sensor being paired in its final resting spot. I am able to see the thermostat on my page, but not the sensor. Can you see anything on your end that I might have done wrong. Its the ridgefieldct account…thanks

I see a temperature sensor listed in your equipment list. You may need to log out and log back into at this time to see the changes.

Are you still not seeing the new device?

I am not seeing it. The instructions say I should see a temp icon, i dont see that.


Aha, looking at the panel, it has insufficient firmware to support the RTS.

At least version 1.13 is required. Currently this panel reports as version 1.10.1

We encourage users of the 2GIG panel to use an update cable, as this will ensure you can update whenever the newest firmware is available at no cost and whenever is convenient.

Over the air updates are available. Updates over the cell network are $10 as of this post, and are somewhat incremental, so it may take more than one update to reach the latest version depending on what you currently have. In this case it would take two updates to gain compatibility with the RTS.

If you have the Go!Bridge and broadband backup communication, updates can be requested over broadband internet instead at no cost.

that makes sense. I have the cable, can you send me a link showing the update process please. Also will i have to remove and add the device once the update is done, or will it just find it?

Update instruction video and firmware links are found at the product link.

Adding the firmware link here.

I would recommend removing the RTS and re-adding to the network after upgrading.

Hi Jason,

I updated my panel firmware and I can now see the temp from the sensor, however I can not find how i select the sensor if I want the unit to work off the sensor and not the thermostat. Please see pic attached.

You would select the sensors which are used to determine current temp via a thermometer icon which would show up to the right of the fan icon.

Is this a new thermostat you have purchased or is it a fairly old T2000?

The ADC-T2000 does have a requisite firmware version to pair the RTS and average temps. What version do you have?

In order to confirm your ADC T2000’s firmware version, while the T2000 mode is off, hold the up arrow button for about 3 seconds. You should see a number displayed (Ex. X.XX) along with the symbols for both heat and cool.

If you have 1.2 or higher, try also removing and re-adding the T2000 to the panel.

Thanks, the thermostat is new, it has version 1.5, see attachment. I removed and re added the thermostat and sensor and still have no thermometer icon, just the sensor temp


I figured it out. The thermostat does not show the thermometer icon in the off mode, it appeared when i turned it on.

Ah, yes, you would need to select a mode which will let you choose to either average the temp readings to produce a current temp or even just use the temp sensor.