Thermostat Schedules

I noticed my house was warm this evening. I got into my account and noticed all my thermostat schedules had been changed. Any reason or explanation for this?

Happy to help! I looked at the history and it looks like the main culprit here was a thermostat labeled bedrooms correct?

It looks like based on what I can see that there was an automated schedule maintenance command to re-save existing schedules (this is normal for that model Tstat) and it looks like the schedules successfully replicated except in the case where the temp was set to 70, it was instead set to 77. This may have been a bug or a default value.

Can you confirm if and what other changes had occurred?

I’ve reached out to ADC to determine the ultimate cause here. The CT100 and CT30 are no longer supported by ADC for new users, though they can still be used on existing accounts, it may have had an effect.

To resolve the acute issue, resaving schedules should do it. When we hear back from ADC I will update here. In the meantime can you confirm whether there were any other schedule changes?

I can’t really remember the exact schedules before the change. I am tempted to say schedules changed on both tstats but I can only say th bedroom tstat for sure. I will keep an eye on them in the future.