Thermostat Malfunction

I am getting a thermostat malfunction error again - I tried to trouble shoot this and it did not work.

It said contact support - how can I fix this?

Make an adjustment from the device locally and wait a few moments for it to update in ADC. Otherwise you can power cycle the device. Either may update and clear out the malfunction.

If neither clears out the malfunction, you will need to clear the device from the network and re-add it to the network. Once re-added run a network rediscovery.

How do I power cycle?

Remove power, wait 30 seconds, re-add power. In the case of the thermostat, remove it from its baseplate, take out the batteries.

The thermostat is now working from the wall unit, but when I try to turn it on from the app or the IQ panel it does not work and shows a malfunction

The wall unit has the temperature displayed permanently and will not turn off - what is causing these issues?


I am still seeing a pairing date of 5/1/2021 for that thermostat on your account. Now that the thermostat is powered, to troubleshoot the communication malfunction it needs to be deleted and relearned.

When powered by AC, your Tstat can have its display on at all times. This is a setting.

  • In on the Thermostats card, click the arrow.
  • Click Advanced Configuration.
  • Click User.
  • In Display ON, select Enabled or Disabled as desired.
  • Click Save.

I removed and added the thermostat but now it says the thermostat is unreachable at Screenshot by Lightshot

How can I fix this?

TSTAT is still in malfunction. Follow the above instructions to resolve and be sure to run a Z-Wave Network rediscovery after pairing. Then test the TSTAT locally and remotely for function.

I tried to run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery but it got this error Screenshot by Lightshot


Youll need to resolve the TSTAT malfunction first. Then run the rediscovery.

How many feet is it from the panel to the TSTAT?

How many feet is it from the Wireless Repeater (node ID 8) to the TSTAT?

How do I resolve the TSTAT malfunction?

The panel to the TSTAT is 20 feet, but when I try and rediscover it is 2 feet away as I bring it closer

What is the Wireless Repeater (node ID 8)?

How can I fix this?

The panel to the TSTAT is 20 feet, but when I try and rediscover it is 2 feet away as I bring it closer

This would be part of the issue.

The Tstat and panel must be in their permanent spots when a rediscovery is run. A rediscovery maps communication routes and neighbor nodes for Z-wave devices. If the devices are not in their normal installed positions during a rediscovery then the routes will not be helpful when the panel or device is moved back to its spot.

Add the device close to the panel, run the rediscovery when everything is back in its normal spot. Any change in behavior? If not, the Z-wave radio in the thermostat may be failing.

What is the Wireless Repeater (node ID 8)?

That device reports as an Aeotec Z-wave repeater.

I tried a rediscover in its permanent spot and it showed the same error

What else can I do?

To test, do the following:

  • Clear the TSTAT from the panel network
  • Add the TSTAT to the panel network
  • Run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery

Does the TSTAT pass the rediscovery?

If not you may need to clear the TSTAT again, Factory Reset the TSTAT, then re-pair and run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery.

If this fails, either the TSTAT is failing and needs to be replaced, or the distance between the TSTAT and the nearest repeating Z-Wave Node is too great.

More information on T2000 pairing and troubleshooting can be found here:

Thanks, that worked!

The only issues I have now is I keep getting a low battery error Screenshot by Lightshot

I change the batteries with brand new batteries and 3 days later I get this error.

This has happened 3 times the last 2 weeks that I had to add brand new batteries

I tried using different brand batteries, but it still gets low battery after 3 days

What can cause this?


Battery drain on a TSTAT can be affected by a few factors:

  1. Using incorrect, batteries. recommends using high-quality, brand name, alkaline batteries. Sounds like you have done this.
  2. Not being connected to C-Wire for power will drain batteries quicker. Based on your description, there is no C-Wire, so this may not be an option.
  3. When Z-Wave communication is poor, the thermostat uses more power attempting to connect to the controller This is a likely cause as the TSTAT has been in malfunction and showing poor communication repeatedly. This issue may resolve on its own so long as the network communication remains consistent.
  4. Hardware failure. The TSTAT may be experiencing hardware failure causing the batteries to drain more quickly. The only solution for this is replacement.

How can I check for #3 from the issues above about a poor connection? Is there a test I can do?


You can view signal strength for the Z-Wave Network. Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Z-Wave Tests > Z-Wave Diagnostics. This will bring up a color coded map.

Refer to page 112 of the manual for more information:

I ran this report and found this Screenshot by Lightshot

What does it mean?

You can view a guide via page 93 of the installation manual. The panel also has a key.

Each node is a Z-Wave device. If the dot is black, the device is active. If the dot is red, it is inactive/unreachable.

The pathway between the dots is the signal strength. Sold green is good, dotted green is ok, and no path is no communication.

From the picture, the thermostat is unreachable.