Thermostat/Lock/Lights - Disappeared!!!

We went out of town recently for about two weeks and everything was working perfectly with the system. Upon our return i logged into the ADC app to turn down the thermostats and noticed only one of my thermostats was showing of the two i have… After further inspection also only one of my two door locks and last but not least several of my light switches are “gone” from the app and adc website. The switches still manually function perfectly but can no longer remotely control them.

What would cause this??? I can surely add them back to the system but if it’s going to happen again maybe i need to look into other options.


It doesn’t look like there is a subscription associated with this. Are you a current suretyDIY subscriber? If so we could take a look at history to see when devices may have been removed.

If you are not a current suretyDIY subscriber, you would want to contact your provider to try to narrow down when the devices were removed. (I have not heard of any devices being removed from programming on their own without a local or remote source.)

Also, are you checking these from the home page of the app? Or are you going to the individual device type’s page?

When logged into your web account, accessing the Z-wave empower tab, do you see the missing devices under the “Devices” page?

Jason: I am stuck in a 2 year contract with Protection 1 LOL I did all of the install myself (with the help of this forum) everything and havent had any issues with it since October of 2015.

I have checked from the home page as well as the individual device page still not there.

Also under the empower tab those missing devices are not they – They have literally just disappeared. and some of those devices i had scheduled automation on and when i go in and click on that rule for the scheduled automation the device isnt in their either and the rule is “blank” as to what devices to turn on or off.

Its the strangest dang thing ive seen yet. I lost 1 Thermostat, 1 Lock, and it looks like 5+ lights.

Interesting, and you are using a 2GIG Go!Control Panel?

What firmware are you running on the control panel?

Are you able to narrow down when the devices were removed? The provider may be able to see when they were deleted.