Thermostat limits for 2GIG or

Is there a limit on the number of thermostats supported by either the 2gig or the accompanying service. I have a large home with 9 radiant floor heat zones on separate thermostats and then 3 additional AC zones with thermostats. So 12 total thermostats.

Technically, there is no practical limit (232 z-wave devices can be added). However, recommends using a maximum of 5 thermostats with your system. This is due to the amount of memory used to store schedules (for 5 thermostats, that would be 35 daily schedules). Any more than that and you may have problems with schedules not working properly. I’ve never seen more than 5 thermostats working on a system first hand to be able to confirm or counter that assertion.

It’s also worth noting that thermostats to HVAC units is a 1:1 ratio. You cannot have more than one thermostat controlling the same HVAC unit.