Thermostat integration and automation email is wrong, am I right?

I got an Ecobee thermostat, because of it’s supposed integration. But I find it can’t do basically anything integration-wise.

Although connecting it to ADC triggered the below email to me. But, none of the “do this next” things actually work for this thermostat, do they?

Ecobee integration does not support rule based automation, no. Supported features are listed in the link above. Z-wave thermostats have the most functionality and integrations as they are directly connected to and controlled through the alarm panel.

Those emails are generated by ADC. Can you forward that email to so I can reference it to and have them remove non-applicable details for thermostats that do not support them.

Forwarded! I wrote here because they don’t say they are from ADC, they identify as Surety.

Check the bottom of those. They’ll say something like “Sent by on behalf of [dealer].”

Dealer brand customizations go into it, but ADC sends those, I can’t directly edit them unfortunately.

Here is the best place for the question either way though. We need to inform ADC of any issues.