Thermostat for electric floor heating

Trying to control an electric floor heating system with ADC.

I can use a relay with a standard thermostat ( but my concern is the thermostat is measuring the temperature of the air, not the floor.

I’m wondering if there are any ADC compatible thermostats that can be set to use a remote wired temp sensor, not the temp sensor inside the main thermostat.

I see that ADC just added a remote sensors option to the thermostat section of the app. I assume that means they’ll be coming out with the promised remote sensors for the T2000 thermostat in the near future. Not sure if those will work to sit on or near a section of the heated floor to achieve your goal but maybe Jason or Ryan will pipe in to add some additional information.

Last we were told, remote temp sensors were to be released to function with the ADCT2000. Until they are released we would not be able to say what functionality they would provide for this specific circumstance.

So I think I’m going to use a Zwave appliance wall switch and a floor integrated temp limit switch. Should allow on or off control and prevent overheating. I’ve only got 20 sq feet so the heater load is only about 300W.

Would also allow scheduled control. Would be treated as a “light” in ADC.