Thermostat End of Life Restrictions

Regarding the announcement here, if I have a CT100, CT30, or GE TSTAT-300, will I be able to reuse the thermostat remotely through if I cancel service and resubscribe later?

No, the thermostats could not be used with a new account. has ended support going forward for these discontinued models because they are discontinued and missing capabilities necessary for upcoming thermostat features through ADC. This applies to all new accounts.

You may continue using any of these thermostats on accounts created prior to 5/20/2018.

If you cancel service and resubscribe or if your service is suspended due to overdue payment and you later sign back up for service, unfortunately the CT100, CT30, and GE TSTAT-300 cannot be used remotely through

Speaking of thermostats where is the new 2018 thermostat that was “Our new, smarter thermostat will be available in spring 2018.” according to the website? I don’t find it anywhere.

Still no new information on the ADC T3000 “Smarter” thermostat. The availability of spring 2018 was definitely premature. As of this time, there is not an ETA on availability although the product is being worked on.