Thermostat advanced features

Hey team - where did all of the advanced features go? I’m trying to figure out how to enable fan only mode on my T-2000, but no longer see any way to make that work or any other advanced features. Can you please re-enable for my account. Also, I see some reference here to fan-only working only in one or another mode. Which is currently enabled? Thanks!

Hmm, I’m not seeing any issue on any other accounts that I have checked, so this appears to be fairly isolated.

In fact, when looking at your account, I see a very odd report from your panel regarding the device type for your Tstat. We are working with ADC to see if we can get it reporting properly without local intervention. It appears that your panel has reported the Tstat as a Switch, which does not make sense.

Will follow up here with info!

BTW, when did you first notice this and when was the last time you accessed those advanced settings?

Remote commands do not appear to have made any changes. The panel is still reporting an incorrect device type.

It looks like you have another controller in this setup, is that correct?

That may be causing an issue in this case, but it would be good to try relearning the thermostat first. Can you try deleting the thermostat and relearning it?

Now that I look, lots of zwave stuff looks off. Switches have lost their labels and don’t work, etc. Not sure when this started. Are there any logs you can see?

As above, it appears that your panel is misreporting devices. Commands to obtain the device list do not have an impact on what it is reporting and it appears that you have another Z-wave controller on the network which may be causing the issue.

Please try removing and re-adding any devices which are incorrectly reporting. Do you see any change after removing and re-adding?

Allow 5 minutes or so after removing a device before going back in and re-adding it, just to be sure that instance is cleared from ADC.

Yeah, have had a Vera controller in the setup for some time without issue. I just remembered and have an idea what probably threw the t-stat off. I recently replaced the batteries. I bet that is the culprit. I’ll go ahead and remove the Vera to be on the safe side and try removing and re-adding the offending devices.