Thermostat: Activate Auto when not away

Is it possible to activate auto when we are home and then have it activate the away thermostat overrides when we are gone?

You mean like this?

I can’t seen to get the away override when temperature isn’t on a schedule, but set to Auto.

The “Away from Home Thermostat Override” feature only works when you have schedules enabled, you must have the “Schedule On” box checked.

Auto mode works when schedules are enabled so there’s no reason to disable schedules. When schedules are enabled, instead of using fixed threshold temperatures to switch between heating and cooling, auto mode uses the target temperature of the inactive mode as the threshold to switch between heating and cooling.

For example, if your thermostat is currently in heating mode and the target temperature at the current time in the cooling schedule is 78 degrees, then if the temperature gets above 78 degrees it will switch to cooling mode and start cooling down to 78 degrees.

D’oh! Thanks Ryan! Just enabled that! Thought I had to disable schedules for auto. My mistake! :slight_smile: