Text Alerts

I would like to receive text only alerts and need to know

    exactly how to accomplish that. I had been receiving emails but unchecked that option.
    Is it possible to receive text only alerts for all alarms?

You can edit the recipients for any notification by logging into Alarm.com, clicking notifications, then clicking the edit button on each notification. Scroll down to recipients and make the desired adjustments. You must save the notification changes at the bottom.

Note that on the account being referenced, all notifications have email recipients currently.

The only options I see there are for email notifications. I see no method to add cell #

Which notification are you currently trying to set up? Is it Unexpected Activity? In the Unexpected Activity notification, you are only able to add email address or push devices, not sms numbers.

It would appear that all the other notifications currently enabled on this account give the option to add the user with the associated phone number. Are you able to confirm?

Yes, I needed to set it up by clicking New Notifications first, then choosing SMS