Testing Fire Alarm and Carbon IQ Panel 2

When I put my system in test mode and push the test button on the fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarms, shouldn’t it trigger an alarm on the panel?

The siren on the panel should sound

That’s what I was thinking as well. I’ll have to continue researching it. Also any idea if you play a glass break sound… should it trigger glass break alarm when panel is in the away mode? It triggered when I removed it, but maybe sound wasn’t enough to do it.

Pots and pans will do it

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For Glass Breaks, if you use Group 13 Glass Break, it is active in both “Stay” and “Away” mode.

Group 17 Glass Break -Away they are only active in “Away” mode.

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If using Sensor Test found under System Tests, the panel will not go into alarm or sound the siren when you trigger a sensor. It should give you an audible notification that the sensor was triggered along with various data points for signal strength and packets received.

However, if you trigger a sensor outside of this mode, then the siren will sound.

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