Testing Backup Battery

When I relocated my panel I noticed the battery backup wasn’t working. Panel screen was off and I couldn’t get it to turn on by pressing the home button. Is that because the back to the panel was off? Even after I plugged in the battery, put the panel into the backing on the wall the screen was off. Only after I plugged it into wall plug did the panel come back on.

I switched it out with another brand new battery I have and the same thing happened. Is there a way to test the backup battery via the panel? Battery was new and only used less than a year.

Or does someone know a way to charge and test the backup battery out of the panel?

The battery will not power the panel up on its own. You must plug the panel in to power up; the battery is intended as a back up when power is lost, not as a main regular power source.

It must see transformer dc power first.

Ok, got it. Thought something was wrong with them. I usually see the panel power on using the battery when I unplugged it, I didn’t know how it was supposed to behave when I didn’t have the transformer in first.