Testing 2gig TS1's In Multiple Locations

I am going to install a few TS1’s, but I first need to make sure they can communicate with the main CP. (and I’m using only a single TS1 as the test hardware before I purchase the other TS1’s)

Can you please check this process, and tell me if there’s anything I’m missing, or anything I need to not do and/or edit?

  1. Plug the TS1 directly into where I would like it to be installed. (“fake” it w/o drilling holes in walls, etc.)

  2. Pair the CP & the TS1. If successful, that is a good location for the TS1, and one may be permanently installed into this location. (when ready)

  3. Disable/remove the TS1 from the installer toolbox. (This is the step I’m unclear on…do I just set CP Question #4 to “unused” for that panel, then reboot the CP?)

  4. Go back to step #1 for the next proposed TS1 location.

(Sorry for such a seemingly silly question…I’m asking because I installed a TS1, and it wouldn’t communicate with my old CP. (both on ver. 1.13) I figured it was the age of the CP, so purchased a brand new CP…and yet they still won’t communicate. (also ver. 1.13) So I now know it’s a bad location/too far…hard lesson learned as the drywall is now…“holey”.)

Install the TS1 were you want it, then do a system test, and check signal (green is good, red is bad).

installed a TS1, and it wouldn’t communicate with my old CP. (both on ver. 1.13) I figured it was the age of the CP, so purchased a brand new CP…and yet they still won’t communicate. (also ver. 1.13)

If TS1’s are not learning in, there may be a problem with your XCVR2 transceiver (if your transceiver does not have the squiggly antenna, then it is not an XCVR2, and is an XCVR which will not work as it is not bi-directional 345mhz/900mhz).

XCVR2 transceiver:

You remove the TS1 by selecting “unused”, save and exit programming.
To unpair, hold in both buttons while you power it up

XCVR2 devices (900mhz TS1 and Image Sensor)

Riven - Do I need to unpair it each time?

If I left it paired, what signals will it give, when I move it to a new location, if it can’t connect?

Is the pairing process the best way to check connectivity? or can I just do a system test at the new location and check signal level?

Why don’t you just pair it at the panel, then move it around different areas of home, and check signal at various locations?

TS1 (line of sight) range from panel is approx. 500’

Once you enter test mode, wait a few min, and the XCVR2 devices will automatically report signal strength, then exit out of test mode, relocate TS1, wait a bit (reboot panel if you like), then go back into test mode, wait, check signal…Rinse and repeat.

My TS1 runs on batteries (as well as AC), if your does not, then simply plug it in

If you don’t know how to program it/pair it, see:

First reply post edited above.

Okay, here’s what I’m seeing, need some help debugging…

I have a brand new control panel, brand new TS1, and brand new XCVR2 installed in the CP.

Before I added in the XCVR2, nearly all of my sensors were coming in a 2/5 or 3/5 signal strength. After I added in the XCVR2, all of the sensors are now signal strength 5/5.

Question #1: So is that safe to assume the XCVR2 is working correctly? I’m no longer assuming this, although it seems to be working.

Next, the TS1 has never paired to the CP. I thought it was because it was too far away & facing the wrong direction.
So I just now tested it by bringing it within 8-10 feet of the CP, with the CP & TS1 facing each other, and they still won’t pair.

(Oh…and both TS1 and the CP are running software ver. 1.13)

Question #2: How would I know if a TS1 is bad and/or has a bad transmitter?

What else can I test/debug/try?

Tell me the steps you are doing to attempt pairing?

Verify you have this transceiver (with antenna) in your panel. Verify it is seated properly and antenna is undamaged:

TS1 is unpaired, and shows screen like this?

To verify, you are pressing Learn on the CP first, then the “Pair with panel” button on the TS1?

The process riven described is precisely what I’ve been doing.

To clarify, yes I always pushed “learn” on the CP, and then pushed “pair with panel” on the TS1.

It may seem a silly question since the remaining programming steps would be slightly different, but are you using equipment code PAD1 by chance, rather than TS1? This would attempt to learn a different signal. Just trying to rule out the quick and easy fixes first.

Do you happen to have an Image Sensor or GoBridge so we would know definitively whether the 900 mhz is being picked up by the XCVR2?

I’ve been using equipment code 1059.

I don’t have an Image Sensor or GoBridge.
(I would be happy to remove the XCVR2, just to re-verify that the signal level across the board did in fact raise 2-3 bars per sensor upon adding it in. Does that tell us any additional info?)

It wouldn’t tell much in this circumstance. You should try resetting the TS1, (press and hold two face buttons) then try pairing again, but you’ve likely got a hardware problem. The problem could be CP, TS1, or transceiver. It is less likely the transceiver is causing the issue, and probably most likely an issue with TS1.

Did you upgrade the firmware on this CP by chance? Or did it come with 1.13? If it came that way, can you check in the panel settings for the firmware version just in case it was marked with the wrong firmware sticker?

The new CP came w/ 1.13 installed, and I just verified in the panel settings that it is reading 1.13_PRODUCTION_EN_US (or something similar)

So I was thinking…considering the old, nor the new CP would pair with the TS1…
it’s more likely a TS1 or a XCVR2 issue.
(The issue could have been the distance from the old CP to the TS1…so it is slightly possible for the new CP to be the issue as well…but honestly at this point I don’t have the time to disassemble everything again and re-install the old one. If it comes back to bite me…ouch.)

I think I’ll just order a new TS1…
(I don’t want to run out of too much time…looks like I ordered the TS1 on July 4th…so need to make a decision here within the next ~7 days or so.)

Is it common for this type of hardware failure (DOA) on a brand new device?

and Jason - I’d love to know what makes you say this:

"It is less likely the transceiver is causing the issue, and probably most likely an issue with TS1."

I assume that you know this, and are aware of the difference between the XCVR/XCVR2 transceivers… but just in case…

The new panel did not come with an XCVR2. You would have had to take the old one out of the other panel, and then replace it with the one in the new panel.

Take a pic of the inside of panel, and post it

It is not all that common, no.

If you have had two panels fail to learn the same TS1, using the same transceiver, you can narrow down the issue to the transceiver or TS1. Since the transceiver otherwise functions with 345 MHZ devices it would be seated properly and less likely the issue. (Stranger things have happened, and the XCVR2 is the least expensive component, so you could just try a replacement one without much investment and return it if it isn’t the issue)

Thank you Jason!

I’m going to grab a TS1, as well as a XCVR2, and just return what’s needed.

I have much more money than time right now…need to get this install completed.

(and move onto the more fun parts like more full automation…)

Thanks…I’ll report back within a week or so!

It was an issue with the TS1.
(which was brand new)

The new TS1 paired instantly…and not only works perfectly…
but it also works in the original spot I had installed it!
(Which I formerly thought was too far away from the CP to communicate)

2 lessons for me:

  1. When installing equipment, FIRST TEST IT right near the CP, prior to drilling holes, doing time extensive installs, etc.
  2. Don't rule out install or equipment decisions before fully testing out all scenarios.

Thanks all! This install is finally wrapped up!
(for this round…next comes mass home automation…time to dive more into Z-wave stuff…)

Glad you got it worked out. Check out our general Zwave guide to help getting started with that automation network!