Temperature Sensor

I currently have an ADC S2000 remote sensor and I am looking to install another sensor. In looking it seems that one is hard to find or extremely expensive now. Does anyone know if ADC-S40-T does the same thing and works with the app to select for temperature monitoring. I do have the ADC Smart Thermostat.

ADC-S40T is a replacement for the ADC S2000 series, which was discontinued.

The ADC-S40-T Features include:

  • Monitor temperature and humidity of any specific room
  • Temperature and humidity readings accessible remotely via website and mobile app
  • Works with Alarm.com Smart Thermostats
  • Set schedules, rules, and Scenes for maximum comfort

We do not currently carry it but it can be found from a variety of vendors online.

Thanks Tyler. I got one ordered

@tyler Tyler do you happen to know if there is a limit on how many S40-T sensors will work with the S200 to average the temp. Wanted to install several in various spots in the home but didnt want to waste the money if there was a limit.

A maximum of 10 Temperature Sensors can be used on one system. Each Temperature Sensor can only be used to control one thermostat at a time.

More information on temperature sensors can be found here:

@Tyler so does this mean if I have say 5 I can link all 5 to my single S2000 and do an average of all 5 or I can only average one at a time for temp settings?

You can both individually select temperature sensors or select multiple to average the temperature between them.

Perfect. Thank you for the quick response and knowledge