Talking alarm panel

my alarm panel talks every few hours on its own, cant make out what it says, and dont know how to stop it.

It does not appear there are any trouble conditions active on your system. There are many reasons for voice announcements on the panel, most of which regarding sensor activity announcements, arming, etc.

To best assist we would need to know a specific time or two when this occurred and/or the content of the voice announcement.

It first happened about 5 hours ago, last one was about 30 minutes ago. Like I said, I cant make out what it is saying, because I am too far away from the panel, by the time i run and get close enough it is over

Thank you. If the last occurrence was 30 minutes ago, it appears this would be a voice announcement related to a function that would not produce a historical event in The latest events in ADC history which would result in possible voice announcements are almost two hours ago.

Not all events would have an event in panel history, but it is worth a check. If you go to Settings > Status > History, are there any events at the time you heard the announcement?

I did what you said under history, is all the normal sture saying a door or window was open ect, except the latest one says translatory. dont know what that means, also, I just open my front door to see if an amazon package came yet, and it made a ding a ling sound, never heard before when i open a door or window. so i trsied a window, and it did it again. I have opened doors and windows probably thousand of time and never heard this sound before???

do you work for surety???

Well, a couple things:

The chime sound you describe is a chime that is associated with sensor activity. Chimes and voice announcements can be enabled/disabled independently under Settings > Advanced Settings > Sounds.

If you have never heard Chimes before they were possibly turned off in settings there.

One possibility then, since it looks like you have the latest firmware (unless you manually updated it sometime recently) is that an automatic Qolsys firmware upgrade occurred, which would reboot the panel processes and start-up announcements would occur (likely what was heard).

I’ve not seen any firmware version override a volume setting, but if you have never heard chimes until today, that may be a possibility.

do you work for surety???

Any Surety Team Member will have “Surety Team Member” posted next to their name in forum posts. Yes, I am a Surety tech support rep!

you must be right and i did go to the advance setting and they were all up to the max. I have moved them all down to the lowest setting. when i open the windows and doors now there is no sound at all. I hope this stops the alarm panel from talking on its own. Have not heard it talk this wholoe hour or so. I have a youg IT friend of mine all put this in for me after he got his. He is the onje who recommended this system to me. He is out of town till wed. I will have him read all this and get it back to where I had it previousloy. thank you

If the announcements were related to firmware update they would be very sporadic as updates do not happen that frequently. Hopefully that was the cause here.

I can confirm your firmware is the most recent version, so the firmware has definitely been updated somewhat recently, I cannot tell exactly when because it would have come directly from the manufacturer (Qolsys’s) servers, not

You can find automatic firmware upgrade options in the menu under Settings > Advanced Settings > Upgrade Software (at the bottom of that page)

It is generally recommended to leave this enabled so your panel stays up to date with its software, but it can be disabled if desired here.

Let me know if you have any other questions!